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Waiting List

In order to placy your child's name on the Garderie Oasis Child Care Center waiting list, you must first register with the City of Ottawa Centralized waiting list and then select Oasis as  daycare that you would like to attend. Here is the link below.

It is always our pleasure to answer your questions and to have you visit our wonderful Centre.

Due to the increasing demand for on-site visits, please note that we now require you to register by phone (613)736-8206 or by email at for our monthly group visits. In order to minimize disruptions to the programs and the children, individual visits will only take place if your child is 20th or less on the waiting list. We thank you for your cooperation and for considering Oasis for our childcare needs.


You may contact us at (613) 736-8206 or


Liste d'attente

Vous pouvez placez le nom de votre enfant sur la liste d'attente sur le site web de la ville d'Ottawa. Voici le lien ci-dessous:

Il nous fait toujours plaisir de répondre à vos questions ou de vous faire visiter notre magnifique garderie.

Dû aux nombreuses demandes de visites de la garderie, veuillez noter que vous devez maintenant vous inscrire au (613) 736-8206 ou à pour nos visites de groupes mensuelles. Dans le but de minimiser les interruptions aux programmes et aux enfants, les visites individuelles auront lieu pour les enfants qui sont 20ième ou moins sur la liste d'attente. Nous vous remercions de votre collaboration et d'avoir considéré Oasis pour votre enfant.

Vous pouvez communiquer avec nous au (613) 736-8206 ou à

Place disponible


We searched long and hard, and visited many private and institutional settings before we discovered the Garderie Oasis Child Care Center almost 11 years ago. Since that time, we have become “family” with the caregivers and management at the Oasis. We have been so comfortable that all 4 of our children have spent their infant, toddler and preschool years at the Oasis. I could not offer a higher recommendation. The incredible energy, enthusiasm and dedication of the Caregivers and Director surpass none. The ideas and creativity put into the daily programming are amazing. Our children have learned so much from the daycare. It is so much more than a “job" for all the teachers at the Oasis. They obviously love their work, and love the children. The hot lunches provided by the cook are wonderful and appreciated by even picky eaters like our son! We are always sorry when our children hit school age and have to leave this nurturing environment!

- Sarah and Dennis Orbay, 2016

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